Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Earth Week

Hey Seattle

Happy Earth week (a day is just too short) to everyone. The work that everyone has done has had a clear effect on society as a whole. Things to note is the recent increase in mpg to 31 by the federal government (not great, but a step forward), corporations like Macy's and Pepsi continuing to develop ways to produce products with more beneficial sources of energy, and the general public handling their lives a with the environment on their mind. But we should continue to do the work needed to get the balance back between our society and the environment.

Take a look at the sites to the right ===> as all these places are great resources for the topics of environmentalism and conservation. We have added the links of the EPA, Pioneer Organics, Goods For The Planet, and Seattle Climate Action Now! Check them out Seattle!

As always, please take the time to look at the blog's donation program and how you can help. Help has started to trickle in and is gaining steam! If your organization would like to find out how to receive donations, please email me at and include donation program into the subject line.

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